Custom Clamshell Packaging Solutions

The preferred packaging methods for:

  • Product display, visibility and branding.
  • Product containment, organization and protection.
  • Security and theft deterrence.
  • Cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Our professional package engineering staff can provide solutions for a custom clamshell packaging to meet your unique requirements.  We have designed clamshell packaging for small items, but we have also designed some packages in excess of 36 inches….that’s a big clamshell!

They can be made of 100% recycled material and be recycled to reduce costs, reduce waste and enhance sustainability programs. There are also FDA and medical grades available.

  • Retail Clamshell Solutions

    Retail Clamshell Solutions:

    Retail clamshell packaging fully encapsulates the product while still providing complete product visibility.

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  • Distriubtion Kitting Clamshell Solutions

    Distribution & Kitting Clamshell Solutions:

    Distribution / Kitting Clamshell packaging fully encapsulates, protects and organizes the product for distribution and use by the customer.

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