CJK Tray Solutions

There are endless styles, uses, sizes, design features and markets for trays.  We are continually developing our list of stock trays designed to maximize distribution efficiency.  If you have specific needs, our package engineering staff can develop a custom tray to meet your unique requirements.

There are numerous material options and colors for trays.  They can be made of 100% recycled material and be recycled to reduce costs, reduce waste and enhance sustainability programs.

  • Food Tray Solutions:

    A Food Tray not only protects your product, but also presents it in an eye-catching way to your customer.

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  • Component Tray Solutions:

    A Component Tray is a tray used to contain, organize, protect, store and move or ship components for product manufacture, assembly or distribution.

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  • Display / Insert Tray Solutions:

    A Display Tray or Insert Tray is a customized tray used to display, orient and retain the product(s) in a desired position.

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  • Counter Display / Shelf Tray Solutions:

    A Counter Display Tray or Shelf Tray is a customized tray used to display, organize and contain packaged product on a counter or shelf. These are often used for point-of-purchase items.

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  • Custom Use Tray Solutions:

    A Custom Use Tray is a customized tray designed to the special or unique requirements of our clients. It can be a thin gauge, single use, recyclable tray or made of a heavier gauge and reused over and over.

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