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custom medical/optical packaging solutions from CJK Manufacturing

Optical Manufacturers and suppliers are offered a wide range of in-house process solutions where minimum contact and maximum protection are essential. Multiple material types and grades along with technically superior tooling design offer endless possibilities. Dual purpose process solutions can be designed to offer process handling, and transport packaging in one product.

Medical suppliers can utilize various plastic packaging products to meet or exceed compliance specifications. Custom designed medical packaging is not only cost effective, but it provides safe, moisture and chemical resistant high quality containment, allowing long storage and shelf life.

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Commonly used plastic materials are: HIPS, ABS, PET
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Custom Plastic Medical Tray Custom Plastic Medical Tray
Custom Plastic Medical Tray

Benefits of custom Medical/Optical Packaging:

  • Light Weight
  • Visibility of product
  • Minimize printing & labeling
  • Moisture & Chemical resistance
  • Dual purpose designs
  • Nesting/Reduced storage space
  • Safe handling for in-process products
  • Extend shelf life & minimize damage
  • Several solutions are available, customized to fit your needs

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