Job Story – Tray/Lid for Candle Vase

plastic stack tray case study

“The aesthetics, Security, and Impact resistance of the packaging were all equally as important to the client as price.”
We were up for the task!

  • Market: Retail/Craft
  • Product: Tray/Lid
  • Application: Secure display packaging
  • Tooling: New
  • RFQ Data: Design and Create tooling for accessible, secure, impact resistant Tray/Lid integrate into open face box design.
  • Capacity: Single product Tray/Lid per box
  • Material: PET
  • Orientation: Candle vase upright on base. The Candle must be physically accessible for touch and smell by consumer.
  • Security: Product must be secure in packaging.
    Cannot be removed from view opening
  • Stacking: Two tier pallets stacked for transit

This product required special attention to accessible display, allowing the consumer to touch, and smell the product without removing it from, or destroying packaging. In addition, the packaging had to support the weight of a second pallet for transit, and efficient warehousing, while meeting the criteria of a 10 drop impact test.

Our retail packaging products represent the best in Design, Innovation, Compliance, and timely execution of our resources. We strive to manage and direct all of these facets while delivering high quality solutions in a very time sensitive environment. When a project needs packaging expertise, has zero room for error, and deadlines in place to keep production and planning in full swing: Our team Shines!

Recently, a Manufacturer of Artisan Candle products, contacted us with a project, requiring packaging for a high volume retail customer. The project focused on a tray/Lid design that would hold, protect, and transport a glass candle vase within an open face cardboard container. The challenges of the project surrounded the clients need to have the product fully accessible to the consumer for touch, and smell, while at the same time being safely confined by the packaging it is shipped, and displayed in.

Not only were the requirements of the client a challenge, but the distributor added a quality specification requiring the packaging to support 2 tiers stacking on pallets for transport, while surviving 10 individual drop/impact tests without breakage.

We 1st received sample vases, and plotted the external geometry. Once this was done we worked with the client to determine the proper sizing of the cardboard container to maximize pallet stacking efficiency, and allowable opening for product access.

Several design models were tested for impact resistance and part security before finalizing the winning design.

With all design and machining capabilities offered in-house, we were able to order tool material, and begin cutting tooling immediately upon receipt of design approval.

After final design approval, we have a completed tool ready for final trial, and set up.

Completed tooling is set up for initial test fit, and die alignment. Material is run for engineering and quality evaluation.

Completed Sample parts are tested for fit, finish, and off for performance testing. The design criteria required all aspects of packaging be examined and tested, including placement, and stacking of pallets for transport.

In addition to the structural and dimensional requirements, the product also undergoes a final aesthetic review to ensure all marketing values are met before release to retail floor space.

We Understand!

Packaging design directly impacts: efficient manufacturing process, assembly, quality, distribution capability, sustainability and purchasing behavior. It has the power to enhance user satisfaction with the product, which in turn enhances brand preference and repeat purchases. Packaging design has a direct impact on costs and revenues in both CJK’s and our client’s operations.

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