Tray concept diagrams

Job Story – Process Stack Tray

“Understanding the consequences for poor design, or late delivery is catastrophic to the end user, unacceptable to us, and our acting clients.”
We were up for the task!

Market: Industrial/Automotive
Product: Tray
Application: Industrial: Process/Transport
Tooling: New
RFQ Data: Design, and Create tooling for cavity specific in-process / transport trays.
Material: HIPS (Anti-Static)
Stacking: Stack Only – No Part Contact
Capacity: 20Pc per tray .2oz weight per part
Orientation: Part place “Up” dual locators
PO for Tooling: Day 1
Design Criteria: Day 4
Design/Approval: Day 8
Tool Completion: Day 18
Part Samples Run: Day 20
 plastic stack tray case study

Process Stack Tray concept diagramsOur Industrial Market products represent the best in Design, Innovation, Application, compliance, and timely execution of our resources. We strive to manage and direct all of these facets while delivering high quality solutions in a very time sensitive environment. When a project needs packaging expertise, has zero room for error, and deadlines in place to keep production and planning in full swing: Our team Shines!

Recently a manufacturer of precision formed industrial products contacted us with a project, and we gladly met to discuss the details, and expectations. The project focused on an in-process tray that would hold, protect, and transport high precision parts, in a multi cavity, Stackable tray. We were told under no uncertain terms, that we had 20 Business days to design, prototype, test, tool, and deliver functional products for pilot testing.

We 1st received solid models and samples of the parts to be accommodated, and brought them into our engineering and design team. Understanding the orientation, key positioning and contact points, we were able to generate a single cavity concept for a review in two days. Some further dialog and tweaking resulted in a final design approval 5 days from our initial project discussion.

With all design and machining capabilities offered in-house, we were able to order tool material, and begin cutting tooling immediately upon receipt of design approval.

Completed tooling is set up for an initial test fit and die alignment. Material is run for engineering and quality evaluation. Completed Sample parts delivered 3 days after completion of tooling.

Tool setup completed Cavity test fit Component parts in finished tray

After 10 days, we have a completed tool ready for final trial, and set up.

Single cavity process stack tray tested for fit, orientation, part contact and protection.

We Understand!

Packaging design directly impacts: efficient manufacturing process, assembly, quality, distribution capability, sustainability and purchasing behavior. It has the power to enhance user satisfaction with the product, which in turn enhances brand preference and repeat purchases. Packaging design has a direct impact on costs and revenues in both CJK’s and our client’s operations.

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