What materials do you use?

We use various materials depending upon the application.  See here for more information on the common materials we use.

What is the minimum and maximum material thickness that CJK can run?

We can do thicknesses from 0.010in. to 0.375in.

What colors are available for thermoforming materials?

Depending upon the material, the standard colors are typically clear, black and white.  Custom colors are available in many thermoformable plastic materials, but may have minimum purchase requirements.  Contact us about your project and we can assist you with all aspects of materials.

Is ESD (static dissipative) material available?

We thermoform Anti-static and Conductive materials. Please contact us with your requirements and we will help you determine what material options are best suited to your application.

What CAD file format is required by CJK engineering?

CJK utilizes the most recent version of Solidworks for part design.  The most common imported file formats include .stp, parasolid (.x_t), and .igs, but there are many other formats we can use.

Do you build your own tooling?

Yes, we design and build our prototype and production tooling in house.

What are prototypes and what is their purpose?

Prototypes are created from temporary molds and include samples for evaluation of part fit and general use.

What are prototype molds made from?

Typically prototypes molds are made from a machined polyurethane foundry tooling board (renboard) or 3D printed resins. For improved aesthetics in prototype samples (ie. for use as marketing or customer samples), we can create prototypes from machined aluminum also as needed.

How many parts can be formed on a prototype mold?

The general life of the temporary mold is typically 25-50 shots. However, this depends greatly upon the part geometry and material used. We have had some prototype molds last for 1000’s of shots. Contact us about your project and we will develop a solution to meet your needs.

What is a production tool trial?

This is a test of the production tooling. The production tooling is set up in the machine for a limited sampling to verify design and functionality of the part prior to running full production.

What are production molds made from?

Thermoform production molds are made from aluminum. Typically they are machined from solid block, but can also be made from casted aluminum if design appropriate.

How long do production tools last?

Thermoformed production molds last indefinitely with proper care and maintenance. However some components of thermoformed tools (ie. cutting dies, plugs and surface finishes) have a limited life and need to be replaced periodically.

What is your lead-time?

Lead time can vary depending on the size and complexity of the item being manufactured. Our typical standard lead-time for prototypes is 2 wks or less after design approval. Typical standard lead time for production tooling is 4 wks or less after prototypes have been approved. Production orders are dependent upon material availability (whether in stock or needs to be made), but typically 2-4 weeks after receipt of order. Contact us about your project and we will develop a solution to meet your needs.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship products worldwide; Nationally, Mexico, Canada, Shanghai, Philippines, and Ireland to name a few specific locations.