Display / Insert Tray Solutions

A Display Tray or Insert Tray is a customized tray used to display, orient and retain the product(s) in a desired position.
Display-Insert Tray

Display trays are often used in kitting of product components and is usually a secondary package component within a primary package (clamshell, carton, bin/tote).  They can bean be a thin gauge, single use, recyclable tray or made of a heavier gauge and reused over and over.

When we work with our clients in the development of Display Trays and Insert Trays, our design engineering process focuses on the following key features and benefits:

  • Low costs for tray design and tooling.
  • Customized design details to handle customer product criteria for positioning, retention and protection.
  • Appealing display and branding of the product.
  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Ergonomic considerations for:
    • Clients product and package assembly -manual or automatic.  Ease of assembly for increased efficiency and reduced cost.
    • Consumer appeal and ease of use to enhance customer satisfaction, brand preference and repeat purchases of the product
  • Nestability of tray prior to use to minimize storage space requirements and costs.
  • De-nestability of trays for ease of separation and efficiency in assembly.
  • Text/engraving of corporate logos, part numbers, desired text, resin ID codes, etc. for identification and branding.
  • Snap-fit features to contain products or keep them from moving to prevent breakage.

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Package size, type and amount of material used, reusability and recyclability at end of use all have a direct impact on costs.  Learn more about our sustainability processes and efforts.


Materials typically used for Display Trays and Insert Trays include:

Recycled, Virgin, blends, FDA Grade, and Medical grades available. View a complete list of commonly used materials.

Clear, black, white and custom colors are available.  Various textures such as smooth, matte, gloss, hair cell, etc.


Display and Insert Trays are often used in the following Markets: Consumer Retail Products, Medical, Food, Electronics and Industrial.

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