“Thank you for your support the past two years. You have all taught me a lot about packaging and thermoforming and for that I am in your debt. You have taken on some difficult jobs for us after others have failed and succeeded where others failed (in some cases repeatedly).”
-Senior Industrial/Packaging Engineer
Automotive Industry Client

"CJK is the recommended supplier based upon their similar, excellent work on [other] packaging kits."
-Buyer, Automotive Client

"It's a real pleasure doing business with CJK. I feel like part of the team. Thank you."
-Packaging Engineer, Long Term Client

Packaging Solutions & Design from CJK

We are your professional team of thermoforming and package engineering experts for Industrial, Retail, Electronics, Food/Grocery, Medical and OEM markets. At CJK we are proud to provide Made in the USA packaging solutions at the lowest cost to market.

Packaging design directly impacts: efficient manufacturing process, assembly, quality, distribution capability, sustainability and purchasing behavior. It has the power to enhance user satisfaction with the product, which in turn enhances brand preference and repeat purchases. Packaging design has a direct impact on costs and revenues in both CJK’s and our client’s operations.

CJK Manufacturing offers thermoformed packaging solutions in the following product categories: Stock Packaging, Trays, Clamshell Packages, Blister Packages, Plastic Totes/Bins/Storage Solutions, Plastic Pallets and OEM Plastic Enclosures and more.

Lowest Cost to Market is controlled and managed through CJK’s product development processes which are designed around these concepts. Read more about our design engineering process.

Have a packaging problem?

Contact us for a packaging solution. Our award winning engineering team has over 25 years of thermoforming and package design experience. We are your Trusted Solutions Provider.